Reinventing The Car Wash

Shiokr changes the way you wash your car, combining waterless car wash technology with the convenience of an smartphone app, together with high quality products and services. We bring the best to your car anytime, anywhere.

Better quality, familiar pricing.

We only deliver the best to you. Our products are specially chosen in adherence to industry standards, and our groomers undertake training to provide quality services, all at a reasonable pricing. Car washing will never be a chore again.

The Shiokr Wash

Per Wash, SGD.

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  • UV Coating
  • Rims Cleaning with Tire Shine
  • 90 Minutes Completion
  • Full Exterior Hand Wash
  • Windows Cleaning (Exterior)

The New Car Wash

For years, the local car wash industry have stagnated, with no progress in terms of quality or efficiency. 

Long queues at the petrol kiosk washing station, poor quality washes by untrained groomers, the inconvenience of washing the car are but some of the problems faced by every car owners.

We spent time looking for the best practices and products, combined with modern technology and created a service unlike any others.

Enter Shiokr.

Only The Best

We use only the best products in our service. From our car wash formula that can and is used on the Air Force One, military and corporate planes around the world to our ultra premium microfiber towels. We ensure your car is treated like royalty.

Water-less Technology

A normal car wash uses up to 150 liters of water every time, but with Shiokr, we will use not more than a liter of water every wash. Do your part, protect the environment.

Convenience At Your Doorstep

Book a wash, be at the comfort of your own home or be doing what you love. Leave the hard work to us, you can do more with your time.

Trained Local Groomers

Take comfort in the fact that all our groomers are well trained in cleaning your vehicle ensuring the minimization of swirl marks and other damages.

  1. 1

    Three Taps Booking

    Key in your location such as car park location, car vehicle number, and the lot number and Shiokr will find you the nearest available groomer.

  2. 2

    Track Your Groomer

    Know your groomer arrival timing and cleaning status in real time. You will be notified when to collect your shiny car.

  3. 3

    Clean and Protected

    Nothing feels better than driving a clean and shiny vehicle, and with our water-less car wash formula, your vehicle will also be protected by a special layer of UV coating.