We reinvent the car detailing, grooming, wash industry

Reinventing Singapore's Car Wash & Detailing Industry
Shiokr changes the way you wash your car, combining waterless car wash technology together with high quality products and trained groomers. We bring the best to your car anytime, anywhere. All this within the Shiokr app.
We only deliver the best to you. Our products are specially chosen in adherence to industry standards, and our groomers undertake training to provide quality services, all at a reasonable pricing. Car washing will never be a chore again.

The Shiokr Wash

Starting from as low as S$14.90 with subscription, get your car wash delivered right to your door step

Waterless Hand Wash

Using our signature waterless wash solution, we use around 500ml of water to clean your car compared to 150 litres for a normal car wash

Rims Cleaning with Tire Shine

On top of cleaning your outer rims, we also revitalise your tire by conditioning it with some of the best tire shine in the market

UV Wax Coating

Our waterless solution contains a thin layer of wax that helps to protect your vehicle paintwork from harmful UV rays and giving it a slight hydrophobic effect for a few weeks

Trained Local Groomers

Take comfort in the fact that our groomers are well-trained in cleaning your vehicles and ensuring the minimisation of swirls marks and other damages

Convenience At Your Doorstep

Book a wash, be at the comfort of your own home or be doing what you love. Leave the hard work to us, you can do more with your time

Only The Best

We use only the best products in our process. From our car wash formula that can be used for almost all surfaces to our ultra premium microfiber towels. We ensure your car is treated like royalty

Groomed Vehicle

Why choose us?

01. Three Taps Booking
Key in your car vehicle number, car park location and the lot number and Shiokr will find you the nearest available groomer.
02. Track Your Groomer
Know your groomer arrival timing and cleaning status in real time. You will be notified when to collect your shiny car.
03. Clean and Protected
Nothing feels better than driving a clean and shiny vehicle, and with our water-less car wash formula, your vehicle will also be protected by a special layer of UV coating.

Featured On

“Clean water is a precious resource for any country and our people know that better than anybody else in the world, We save 200 litres of water compared to [other places]!”

"Instead of bringing your car to get it washed, the app brings the groomers to where you’re parked."

"Shiokr is a startup that is socially aware and responsible from day 1. They provide a water less car-wash service, saving thousands of liters of water."

"With a waterless car wash, you have the option to clean your vehicle at your own convenience, any place and time."