About Us

We are a car grooming company

Our company started as a team of three people who realised that washing cars in Singapore is a hassle due to many factors such as long waiting time, poor quality, untrained groomers.

We decided to change the status quo by solving the two most important problems, convenience and quality. We created Shiokr, an on demand car wash app that allows you to book a car wash anytime, anywhere.

We use only the best products coupled with fully trained local groomers to provide the services. We are also environmentally responsible and modelled our business to one that will not only benefit you, but also the environment. Our waterless car wash have better results, and is also beneficial to the environment due to the immense decrease of water consumption.

We truly believe in being more than great, and we also take great pride in serving you. To us, you are more than just a number discussed in the meeting room. We promise to always anticipate your needs, and our constant dissatisfaction with the status quo will be the driving force behind what we do for you.