Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on 18 September 2021

Hello there!

Since our launch, we have been receiving many emails and questions from Facebook Messenger about the app and the service it provides. We took the liberty of putting some recurring questions into words so that the information is readily available for everyone.

What is Shiokr?
Shiokr is Singapore’s first on-demand waterless car grooming booking app that connects car owners to groomers around your neighborhood.
How do I use the app?
Simply download the app on your smartphone and key in the necessary information that will allow our groomers to find your car, such as the location of the vehicle, the plate number, and the lot no. Tap book, and we will connect you to the groomers staying around your neighborhood.
Why use Shiokr?
For starters, we help you save 30-60 minutes of your time every car wash. That means no more queuing at the car wash station. Park your vehicle and go home to spend the time doing what you love, leave the manual labor to us.

For the car enthusiasts, we use only top of the line products from brands like Aero Cosmetic (Wash Wax All) and Kwazar (Spray Bottles), and our ultra-premium 800 GSM microfiber towels. These items coupled with fully trained groomers minimizes scratch marks or swirl marks that you will normally get from car washes at this price point. Our products also leave a thin layer of polymer wax after we washed your vehicle that helps protect your paintwork from UV, and also giving a car a gleaming shine.

For the environmentally conscious, for every time you book a waterless car wash with Shiokr, you help save 150l to 250l of clean water compared to the traditional car washes. Save the world one bathtub at a time.

For the people who love their community, directly benefit the local groomers by booking a car wash using Shiokr and giving out jobs to people staying within your community.
What are the operating hours of Shiokr?
Operational hours on weekdays will be from 4pm to 12am while operational hours on weekends will be from 3pm to 12am.
Are there any scenarios where my booking may be canceled or a waterless wash may not be feasible?
In the event whereby it is raining, the groomer might cancel the booking due to the fact that most of our groomers ride a bicycle to the vehicle location.

In rare circumstances, there are also vehicles which might be heavily covered in grime or mud. For situations like these, our groomers will call the owner and inform them that they have to cancel the booking and advise them to bring the vehicle for a rinse. This is because by continuing with the waterless wash, the process might cause scratches on the vehicle.
Do I have to move my vehicle to a washing bay or a designated lot?
You do not have to park in any designated lot during the wash, just park like you do normally and remember to leave ample space at the sides for our groomers to have an easier time cleaning the vehicle.
Do I need to be there to meet the groomer?
There is no need for you to be at the scene during the car wash. However, if you are inclined to learn more about the waterless car wash process and the equipment we use, our groomers will be more than happy to walk you through the process.
How long will the entire process take?
After acceptance of an order, it will take roughly 60-90 minutes from delivery to completion of wash.
Will my credit or debit card be charged after I make a booking?
Once you make a booking, the charges will be held by Stripe, a neutral payment processing company. The charges will only capture and be transferred to our company account after our groomer complete the booking.
Where is Shiokr currently operating?
We are currently operating island-wide other than central area.